Nation-Wide Event Services

At EventStack, we specialize in providing comprehensive event management services tailored specifically for corporate and B2B events. With our extensive network of venues, proficient production management, and expert third-party vendor coordination, we ensure that your event is executed right, thus, creating high-level, quality experiences for your attendees.

Your One-Stop Solution for Exceptional Corporate Events

Venue Management

Exclusive Venues in Multiple Cities for Ultimate Convenience

With our own exclusive venues located in all across the United States, we provide unparalleled flexibility and cost-efficiency for your conferences and events.

Nation-Wide Corporate Venue Sourcing

Our staff's expertise goes well beyond venue management. We hunt, find and source venues at most cities in the United States. Whether you need 2 venues or 200, we’ve got them.

Meticulous Coordination of Venue Logistics

Comprehensive coordination of venue logistics, from scheduling setup and teardown times to handling facility management. Never worry about “that shipping order” again.

Production Management

Expertise in Audiovisual Technologies and Event Management

Nationwide, skilled professional teams qualified in audiovisual technologies and event management expertise.

Full-Service Event Production

Professional handling of laptop connections, high-definition screens for flawless presentations and displays.

AV Equipment Rentals for Seamless Events

Supplying all necessary AV equipment such as slide advancers, screens, computers, etc. for a seamless event experience.

Third-Party Vendor Management

Streamlined Vendor Management for Stress-Free Events

Efficiently managing multiple vendors, taking the burden off your shoulders for a lighter event experience.

Clear Communication and Liaison with Third-Party Vendors

We act as your liaison, ensuring clear and efficient communication between you and all third-party vendors involved in your event.

Collaborative Partnerships with Rental Companies for Equipment and Decor

We collaborate with rental companies to secure necessary equipment and decor, ensuring a seamless event experience.

"We recently held a large corporate event at EventStack Denver (Westminster) and had an amazing experience. EventStack was a great partner in helping us plan our event layout, logistics and production needs. The auditorium space with built in stage and A/V helped to streamline our event and created a very professional vibe. We enjoyed working with the team at EventStack."


Strategic Events Manager, Canvas Credit Union

Why Choose Eventstack?

  • Extensive network of exclusive venues, offering flexibility and cost-efficiency

  • Expertise in production management, creating distraction-free audiovisual experiences

  • Streamlined third-party vendor management, ensuring seamless coordination with all service providers

  • Dedicated professionals committed to delivering exceptional results